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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unfathomable Love

(Picture from www.jesus-explained.org)


How must you have felt
the day You tenderly wrapped
Your only Son
in Human flesh
and laid him on a bed of straw
at the doorstep of this world?

Who am I
that You would give your precious Child
to me?

D. Rorvig

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In Memory of Brother Bert

My spiritual father went to heaven on Saturday, December 5. Though I do not grieve as the world does, my heart breaks that the world has lost such a giant of a man. However, I know that Brother Bert is enjoying all of the splendors of heaven...and having great theological discourse with Paul, Barnabas, and the writer of Hebrews, who he has always maintained, is not Paul.

His obituary, below, doesn't begin to describe this great man.

Dr. Herbert (Bert) Dearden
January 28, 1917 - December 05, 2009

Dr. Herbert (Bert) Dearden, 92, was peacefully escorted through the portals of heaven to be with Jesus, his Lord and Saviour on Dec. 5, 2009. Dr. Dearden, was born Jan. 28, 1917, in Lancashire, England, and served in the British Royal Navy from 1936 until after WWII. “Ping,” (Bert’s nickname) survived 2 ship sinkings, rescue operations at Dunkirk, and the Normandy invasion. Bert was at the helm of the carrier “INDEFATIGABLE” as she steamed into Tokyo Bay for the Japanese Surrender; later becoming a sea captain and certified Master Mariner.

A rum-drinking seaman in every ocean save the Antarctic, Bert was converted to Christ. Bert visited logging camps, First Nations’ Villages and isolated missionary settlements, preaching from the northern coast of British Columbia, Canada, to the Alaska pan-handle. Bert also served the United Church of Canada, in Vancover, attended the Talmud Torah, was active with the Gideons, and Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.

In 1968, he submitted his thesis on “Jesus in Hebrews” and was awarded a doctorate. Dr. Bert Dearden served as Evangelist, Expositor, Lecturer, Seminarian, and conference speaker in England, Canada, the USA and Mexico. Well-respected as a “Jesus Man”, preaching “the half that works,” his life exuded the grace of God. He was a life-long scholar, and author of several books and Bible Studies. His life was at peace, because his heart trusted Jesus.

Bert loved to sing opera in 5 languages – he enjoyed the classics and often recited Shakespeare, English history, and poetry. His charming British accent captivated his audiences with personal story-telling exploits to Bible revelations. Bert was an inspirational speaker to Veterans groups and a member of the Howard Co. Vietnam Veterans. He enjoyed eating ice cream while watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and solving challenging crosswords.

Bert will be sorely missed by his loving wife, Connie Jones Prince. Bert and Connie were married at Bethel Temple Church, in 1992. He was a dedicated father to daughters Vallerie (Faust Pinto) Dearden, BC, Canada, Karia Dearden, WA, and involved grandfather to Dean (Rose) Mc Gee of Canada.

Bert and Connie were blessed by his second family, who loved and respected Bert immensely. Their children “our girl” Sylvia (Bernie) Loner, of Logansport, Yvonne Wagner and family, and William (Kim) Prince. Bert was blessed with many grand and great-grandchildren, including local teachers, Fauleen Lucero and Julien Miller.

Funeral Information
A “Celebration of Life” will be 10:30 am Thursday, December 10, 2009, at Fisher Funeral Chapel with eulogy by Bishop Samuel Smith, Evansville IN. Other participating ministers: Bishop Richard Humphreys, Bishop Joe Bulger, Pastor Phil Frye, Pastor Jack Greenwood, Pastor Mike De Brun, and Pastor Walt Hollis. Interment,with military honors, will be at Ever-Rest Memorial Park Cemetery.


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