Welcome friends...thanks for coming by. We're seeking beauty in all of creation... in our faith and our families; our art and our music; our crafts and kitchens, and even in our own backyard. We'll share a poem or a recipe, a picture or a memory; maybe a dream of how we wish our life could be. And though we acknowledge that the world can be harsh, we're keeping it pleasant in our little corner; endeavoring to keep the words from the Book of all Books: ...Whatsoever things are lovely; think on these things.

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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Walking Friend

A week or so ago I mentioned to an acquaintance at work that I'd seen her out walking in the evenings. She invited me to join her for evening walks. Today was our first walk. As it turns out, we both had been praying for someone to walk with after work. So God has answered two prayers at once! Sometimes I just marvel at the ingenuity of my Heavenly Father!

Now shall I walk
or shall I ride?"
Ride," Pleasure said.
"Walk," Joy replied.
W.H. Davies

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Heather

Saturday, April 3rd was my daughter Heather's birthday. If anyone ever should appear on a blog entitled "whatsoever things are lovely"; it is my beautiful daughter. You see, Heather is one of those rare people who exudes loveliness; body, soul, and spirit. There is a a certain kindness and generosity of spirit that radiates from her. When she was just a little girl, a few doors down the street was a very troubled boy. He would often run out of his house screaming uncontrollably and drooling. It wasn't a pretty sight. Needless to say, the boy had no friends and was the source of endless teasing at school and on the bus. But he did have one friend...Heather. She always stuck up for him. I never told her to. She just did. But Heather was as tough as she was sweet. She was a wonderful athlete and competitor. Played basketball on the boy's league because she was too talented to play at the girl's level. And she always made the ALL-star squad. Always. And what a soccer player! Now as a mother of four, I watch Heather with amazement as she negoiates the pre-teen years with her oldest daughter with a grace I wish I possessed. She always has time for her children. She takes such joy in each one of them, and somehow finds time for each of them individually. If you were to visit Heather's home, you might find her playing soccer in the back yard with her kids; or looking at Home Depot for shocking pink paint for Jordynn's bedroom. She might be taking Isabella to a dance class or Junior to soccer. She and baby Sophie could be found curled up together as they read a storybook together. Or you might just find her helping her husband tile the bathroom or installing a ceiling fan. Many weekends she babysits nephews and nieces. But the one thing you can always count on, is that Heather is always doing something for someone. Her children are blessed. Her husband is blessed. Her friends are blessed. And I am very blessed to be her mother. Heather, when you were younger, you were so agile, so graceful, that you made every sport you played look effortless. And now you make your role as wife and mother look as graceful and effortless (though we all know it is not.) You, my daughter are lovely in every sense of the word. Happy Birthday to You!


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