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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bless the Beasts and the Children

This video is about Christian, the lion. I saw the full story about Christian on the Animal Planet network a few nights ago. In the early 1970's Christian was adopted from Harrod's in London by two young men named John Rendall and Ace Berg . It was still legal in those days to keep exotic animals for pets, and it was not unusual to see hip Londoners strolling along the Kings Road with ocelots, manx, or any other animal that caught their fancy. At first, the two men kept the cub in their small flat. As he grew, Christian needed more and more space and exercise. The boys found a church cemetery and persuaded the vicar to allow them to exercise Christian within it's walled confines. Even so, it became apparent the the lion needed more space; and John and Ace realized that what Christian really needed was to be free. But it would be a very risky proposition to try and introduce this loving, gentle animal into the wild. Christian's parents were zoo lions; so he had no idea how to live in the wild. John and Ace learned of a man who lived in Africa, who's life work was to introduce domesticated lions back into the wild. So they loaded Christian into a crate and took him to Africa. Christian was assimilated into a pride of other lions who had been previously domesticated. There were many frightening moments for John, Ace, and especially for Christian, as the lion courageously battled for his place in the pride; and later battled wild lions who fiercely protected their territory. As Christian gained acceptance from the other lions, John and Ace knew they must leave their beloved friend. They left Africa and Christian. In one heartrending scene not shown in this clip; Christian chases their jeep as they leave the compound. Back in London, the men received regular updates about Christian; and the reports were encouraging. Christian had succeeded in establishing himself in his own pride, and had move further out into the wild. After one year, they could forbear no longer, and returned to Africa in search of their old friend. After many days they found Christian and his pride. They looked hesitantly up to the rocks where the now grown lion stood. Would he remember them; or had all recollection of the past been eradicated from the lion's memory? The scene of Christian's reunion with his human parents will move your to tears. I weep every time I watch this video. The Bible tells us that one day the lamb will walk with the lion. Christian's love for humans is a little prelude to what it will be like when the enmity between man and beast is finally removed.


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