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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Friday, December 31, 2010

Dreaming When You're Awake

Good Morning! It is the very last day of 2010! It's a chilly December morning here in Lynden. When I took Koda out at 6:30 am for her morning constitution, the ground was frosty and hard. It was dark and still, and the moon shining on the frosty ground made it look like diamonds were scattered about the grass. When we came back inside, I left my cozy woolen socks on, jumped back into bed and tucked the quilt up under my chin. But try as I might, I couldn't go back to sleep. I am just so excited about the New Year! I lay in bed dreaming about how I might accomplish some of the goals I've set for myself. Isn't it lovely to dream when you're awake? As children, I think it's quite common. But as we grow older;  we often stifle those outlandish thoughts and dreams, so as not to become disappointed if they don't happen. What a pity. For certainly they will not happen if we dare not to dream. So I allowed myself to think lavish thoughts. Then it dawned upon me that it's not so much the dream that we seek; but the feelings or experiences we associate with the dream.
This got me so excited that I jumped out of bed; fixed myself some oatmeal and toast; and here I am at my computer; talking to you! What I mean to say is this...One of the things I've written on my bucket list is to own a little cottage on the beach. But to be absolutely specific; I'm not actually yearning to save up hundreds of thousands of dollars so that I might sign a paper stating that I own said cottage on the beach. What I want is to reside in a cottage on the beach. To wake up smelling the ocean; and to hear the sound of the wind and waves and seagulls. I want to take morning walks in the sand with Kelly and Koda, while searching for agates and shells. I'd like to sit on a piece of driftwood with nothing to do for hours but look at the horizon and think. Perhaps I'd take some photographs or do sketches in muted greens and greys of grass and sea and sky. And I wouldn't worry about my hair. Not one day would I fight with my curly locks. I'd let them go as wild as the sea...yes I would! My  faded jeans would always be rolled up haphazardly and my tennis shoes would be dirty and full of sand, and I wouldn't care a bit! Make up? Forget it. My skin would become even more ruddy and freckled from wind and sun and age...ah well, isn't there something to be said for character in one's face? But here's the best part about it all...it's do-able! While I work and save toward the actual purchase of a cottage; I can still experience all of the components (the feelings and emotions) of it. I can rent a place on the beach during breaks from school. We are blessed to live near scores of lovely beaches that are not a long commute from our workplaces. We could stay for a week or two; even a month or more if we wanted to. If that's not an option, I can drive for 30 minutes to any number of beaches; pack a lunch, just grab the dog and my camera or sketchbook...the dirty dishes will wait...after all, how can you weigh doing dishes against living your dreams?
What are YOU dreaming about when you're awake?

Where are my dirty tennis shoes? I'm gonna need 'em.

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Red Gate Farm said...

The cold, clear night sky was beautiful last night!

Currently, my "day dream" would be to get our projects finished. Install a hammock and laze around in it all summer long!

Happy New Year,


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