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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whats for Dinner?

Soup's on! Tonight I made Old Fashioned Lima Bean Soup with Ham for dinner. It's something my mom used to make when I was little. When I make soups I usually throw in a bit of this and a little of that; so I'm estimating the ingredients. The great thing about soup is, exact ingredients usually don't matter.

Old Fashioned Lima Bean Soup

16 oz dried large lima beans
About 8 cups of water or enough to cover the beans with some to spare
1 cup onion, diced
A chunk of cooked ham or turkey ham, cubed
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 chicken bouillion cubes
A bit of dried parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

Sort the dried beans and discard bad ones. Rinse them well, then cover them with water and soak them overnight. The next day drain the beans and place them into a large soup pot. Cover with about 8 cups of water or as much as is needed to cover the beans with some to spare. Add themeat, onions, garlic, bouillion, parsley, salt and pepper. Simmer 1 1/2 to 2 hours or until beans are tender.

It's nice to serve this soup with a  warm, crusty loaf of french bread.


Red Gate Farm said...

I'll have to try that one... I'm a HUGE soup eater! Thanks for the recipe.


Scrabblequeen said...

I like soup, and I'm ok with Lima beans...but I've never had Lima bean soup! I'd make some, but doubtful I could get Hubs to even try it.

ellen b. said...

Hi Debora,
I really love beans and this soup looks delish. I had the best eggnog from a dairy in Lynden from Twin Brook Creamery. Do you ever get anything form them? On my next trip to B.C. I want to stop by Lynden and check it out...

Debora said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for your comment. I have not purchased anything from Twin Brook, but I just may have to! This is a terrible confession from a dairy farmer's grand-daughter...I don't like milk or anything that tastes too 'milk-ish'! But I am not surprise that your eggnog was delicious-I understand that Twin Brook have Jersey cows instead of Holsteins (as did my grandpa.)My family says that Jerseys produce much richer milk, but in less volumes-so dairy products from Jersey cows is harder to get these days. Let me know when you're traveling through!

ellen b. said...

OK that's too funny that you don't like milk. Thanks for the info on Holsteins and Jerseys :o)


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