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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Peachy Iced-Tea!

I love peach-flavored iced tea; and in hot summer months I drink it by the bucket...but my body's not so happy when I drink caffeinated beverages. Recently I've been purchasing the bottles of Lipton's green iced tea with peaches or citrus; which is yummy- but it's spendy and I don't feel very environmentally savy when I buy all of those plastic bottles! So instead of breaking the bank on my iced-tea obsession and in the process using way more plastic than one person should; I experimented with making my own. I have to say I'm pretty tickled with the result. I've created a tasty drink that's relatively inexpensive, caffeine free, and environmentally conscious. Home Run!!! (Now I know that some very righteous folks will criticize my use of sugar and the un-localness of the ingredients...Well hey; I'm working on it-I'm not perfect here...but I've got some good iced tea to sip while I ponder these things!)

Debbie's Peachy Green Iced-Tea

2 green teabags--I use Trader Joe's brand
3 cups boiling water
1 1/2 cups Jumex Peach Nectar
Sugar to taste
Lemon slices or a twist of lemon if you prefer

Pour 3 cups boiling water into a teapot with 2 green teabags. Allow to steep for 7-10 minutes. 
Add peach nectar.  Pour mixture into a pitcher. (Be sure it's cooled down, so it doesn't crack your nice glass pitcher!) Refrigerate. When ready to serve, pour into tall glasses, 3/4 full, and add sugar to taste. I added 2 tbsp-but you might like more or less sugar than I do. (If you don't want to fuss with adding sugar by the glass, just stir it into the pitcher before you refrigerate.) Fill glass with ice and garnish with a lemon slice. Very refreshing!



farmlady said...

This sounds so good and refreshing. Does the peach nectar have sugar in it?

I will have to try some. My sister is coming up on Wed. and we love ice tea in this hot weather.

I use Lipton's Green tea with white Mangosteen and Peach (tea bags in a box).It's pretty good.. fast.. easy, but it does have some caffeine in it.
Thanks for a summer alternative to using bottled drinks.

scrabblequeen said...

No self-righteousness here...but wondering what you think....I usually don't use any sugar in my tea...do you think that the juice alone would be sweet eonough for most folks? I have a friend who LOVES peach tea, but cannot use sugar (or most other sweeteners) And...do you know if the Jumex is sweetened? LOL...I'd love to replicate, if possible...but would rather not have to travel to the store to find out it wouldn't "pass" anyway. :-)

Debora said...

Yes, this brand of nectar has 38 grams of sugar per serving. Perhaps there are other brands that dont, or use stevia. I did think of trying some of the flavorings they use in coffee shops for Italian Sodas, and I bet they come with artificial sweeteners.


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