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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Plans

There's a whiteboard in the ladies bathroom at Eagleridge Elementary School. Someone, probably our wonderful wise secretary,  posts a question on it from time to time. There's a pen sitting atop it, awaiting our responses. The last 2 weeks of school, the question read: WHAT ARE YOUR SUMMER PLANS?

The board quickly filled up with elaborate responses...

  • Spending a month in Ecuador
  • Off to Disneyworld!
  • Staying at our lake house for a month
  • Maui!
  • Cancun, Southern California, and anywhere else I can manage
Wow, I felt a little envious as I contemplated what to write.

"Hmmm, well, let's see...I may go to Portland and see the kids. And if I can convince hubby, we might do a little 2-day excursion to Winthrop, Washington or drive over the mountains to Leavenworth. But I dunno, we've got a huge to-do list this summer; and Kelly doesn't have much vacation time- and the dog has issues with other dogs, so boarding her isn't an option, I guess we'd have to take her with us...that is, if we even go... Plus I've got that sinus surgery scheduled for the 4th of July weekend. I wonder how impressive that would look under Ecuador... Blowing mucous and blood out of my schnoz for an entire week..."

I sighed and put the pen down without answering.

Now it's July 6th and the summer weather has finally hit. I'm recovering from surgery as my colleagues are sipping pina-coladas in Maui. But guess what... I'm content. Right here at home- happy as a clam, and oh so grateful to have a couple of months off from work! So now, having taken the time to really think about it, here's the list of things I plan to do this summer...

*Take the time to cook wonderful, healthful meals for Kelly and me; using as much fresh, local produce as I can find; starting in my own little garden. Dine in the shade of our evergreen-filled back yard;  enjoying the aroma of spruce trees, barbeques, and the summer breezes; savoring just being
together... EAT.

*Sleep in sheets that are heaven-scented from hanging on the clothesline all day long... REST.

*Read. Anything I want... LEARN

*Pray.  Meditate... WORSHIP

*Have tea with a friend... LAUGH

*Spend time with the grandkids doing just what they want- swimming, waterslides, going to the fair, or having a tea party on the backyard lawn... SHARE

*Go to the beach and walk, long and far. Pick up pretty rocks and shells. Wade in warm tidepools, feeling seaweed skimming across my ankles and watching hermit crabs and little fishes dart about. Put the kayak in and go for a paddle... RELAX

*Skip the makeup and wear flipflops everywhere, get dirt under my nails, and freckles on my face and
arms... BE REAL

*Teach Koda some new tricks... PLAY

*Take a nap on the sofa once or twice a week... UNPLUG

*Drive up to Mount Baker and hike through Heather Meadows, take pictures of Mirror Lake and Artist Point. Take in the alpine air... BREATHE

Practice simplicity, frugality, and the art of being content.


ellen b. said...

Sounds loverly...

Anneliese said...

Those do sound like the best plans. Hope you recover quickly on to enjoy all of that.

chickory said...

i think i love you. your idea of "being real" as vacation is as pure life as it gets. I bet you look great with freckles. the things that you wrote are about being present. I do think that worship is to be in love with creation -to really pay attention while with it and to delight in her infinite forms.

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jojo said...

your original list is the same as mine...Winthrop, Leavenworth, hiking...BUT I like your new list better. Nothing like relaxing in the evening breeze with a simple meal and the one your love. Blessings to oyou sweet Deb.

Debora said...

Jojo, still hoping to get over the mountains at least once this summer. Hope you can too!

Chickory, thanks for your kind comments! My freckles ARE NOT cute; they're the aging kind. Thanks for the update on the seeds!

Ellen and Anneliese; hope you have a great summer too!

Debora said...

I've tried e-mailing you twice! Where or where are you, friend?


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