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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simple Pleasures in January

The golden amber hues of autumn have faded; and the cranberry-red and pine-colored adornments of Christmas are neatly stored in boxes, all sealed with packing tape and stacked out in the garage for another year.

It's January-- time for baby-soft pink sweaters and fresh-white cotton shirts. It's time to clear the house of needless clutter; out with the old-in with the new. Time for crafting Valentines of paper doilies and coffee filters, and heirloom-seed shopping at Baker Creek http://rareseeds.com/. A new calendar would be nice, perhaps this one from Barnes and Noble. (Never buy a calendar before January--unless you have money to burn!)

Go visit Aunt Peaches for this and other pretty craft projects

Today we took Baron to obedience school in the pouring rain. There were 3 dogs present, Baron, our ebony-black lab, Casey a talkative Alaskan Malemute, and Klein the big German Shepherd. Beautiful dogs, all of them...poster-boys for their breed. We were working on the 'down' command today, which wasn't very popular with our poochies, given the dampness of the ground. But they all behaved like champs!
After class and a steaming hot shower, I bid doggy and football-watching hubby adieu, hopped into the Jeep, cranked up the radio, and drove to town... all by myself. Isn't it a luxury to go shopping all alone sometimes? It is for me. I treated myself to a new sweater (yep, it's a soft pink) and a crisp white blouse. I think that every woman should have a new white blouse once a year. It should be an annual event. Like going to have the teeth cleaned, or the yearly mammogram--but way more enjoyable! Put it on your new Simplicity calendar!

My all-time favorite outfit includes a classic white blouse with faded Levis, brown leather loafers or boots (or tennies when it's warm), all topped off with a pretty watch and hoop earrings...Heaven!



ellen b. said...

Lovely pleasures!

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

What a lovely blog you have. I like that calendar VERY much - you have a lovely perspective for the new year.

chickory said...

you just described my "uniform" perfectly - i love a crisp white blouse and a nice heavy / chunky cable knit hoodie - I wear hiking boots more than fashion just to support my spine. after this, I am going to check out your seed source. I just made an order with Pase seeds - they have some interesting prairie seeds - i dont know how they will do in north georgia but one of them I know will be good - the bi colored coreopsis that i adore and grew last year. perfection in a bouquet - long lasting bright colored and sort of airy. i love to shop alone -today i went junkin and didnt buy anything -but the soundtrack was terrific and reminded me of riding in the car with my mom. Happy New Year to you and your new pink sweater


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