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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monochromatically Speaking...

So when hubby and I moved into our mid-century rambler in 2005 we discovered that our furniture dwarfed the small rooms. Hubby wasn't really in favor of the move and moaned, "We're gonna have to sleep on cots!" Of course I couldn't let him be right, so I had the movers stuff our Victorian bedroom set into our tiny room. I tried every way I knew to arrange the furniture, but there was only one way...the bed in front of the window and both of our dressers on the wall to the right. This left a narrow little footpath for us to shinny around the footboard and make our way out of the room. I could literally sit on the bed and pull clothing out of the dresser. Don't tell him I said so, but hubby was right. Our furniture was way too big.

Over the past few years my tastes have evolved, and I've come to understand that just as we ladies look better if we dress our age in things that fit, so does our home. My room was beginning to make me  claustrophobic.  The headboard was blocking the only window in the room and preventing much- needed light from streaming in. The room was just to small for two dressers, and the footboard was taking up about 6 inches of precious space. I longed for a simple, spare, and spacious feel in that room.

So I listed these pics on Craigslist and sold the set for a song. (Since we'd had it for 20 years, I felt we'd gotten our money's worth.) I made enough to buy a new dresser (very inexpensive), two lamps, and a bedskirt.

I decided to stick to a monochromatic color scheme in the room to create a more spacious, serene feel. It took every bit of self control I could muster to purchase solid colors and only in beige-tones. (I love, love, love prints and bright colors. Problem is, I grow tired of them quickly.)

I picked a warm, taupe-y quilt and a plush ivory throw to complement the walls and woodwork. I've been learning that if you are not using contrasting color, you must use contrasting textures. That's why I chose the furry throw and the nubby lamp-shades.

The only piece of artwork is a charcoal drawing I did in college...taken from a photograph on a calendar. I love this piece. Because it is black and white, I decided to incorporate a bit of black and white into the scheme, so I added the zebra striped and black throw pillows. If I had room I'd have added a zebra-striped upholstered chair. But the choice was either to have a bedside lamp or a chair. I decided I'd rather read in bed than have a chair to throw clothing on.

I love the contemporary lines on the dresser. It was difficult, going from two dressers to one. It meant keeping only what we love and what is necessary. Ultimately, that's a good thing.

 The lamps were a JC Penney on-line find. The pair for $100! They cast the warmest, coziest glow on the walls.

I really like how this room turned out. Oh yes, there are a few more little things I'll be changing. Need to find some metal and glass night stands with shelves to accomodate the remotes, books, etc. And I plan to replace the metal blinds with a light-filtering honeycomb shade. I'm a bit fanatical about light. Can't stand to be in rooms without lots of light. I love to lie in bed and look at all of the beautiful shadows that come in with the morning sun!

Getting rid of the footboard was one of the best moves ever! Not only did we gain 6" of much needed floor space, but now hubby can bring me tea in the mornings, and sit on the end of the bed and chat with me while I wake up!

Our next project is the kitchen. This weekend we're visiting IKEA to see what we can do to bring the kitchen out of the stone age without breaking the bank. I'll keep you posted!



chickory said...

wow!! quite a transformation and i must say - much much better. doesnt that feel good? I wouldnt mind having that quilt - it would look perfect at chickory. I like your charcoal drawing!! that little dog is fun. Cant wait for te kitchen re-do.

I wish you would play haiku -but no pressure.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful transformation!! You did such a great job it really looks so pretty. I love the colors you chose and the lamps are awesome.

ellen b. said...

What a good decision. Well done on the redo. I love those lamps! I really like your art piece! We have slopping walls in our bedroom because of our roof line and we cannot do a headboard or our bed would have to cut into the walking space.


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