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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Help! We're remodeling the kitchen and I'd love your input!

The kitchen remodel planning is in full swing. We learned a ton after the bathroom remodel, but this kitchen thing is much bigger. Just measuring the cabinets is a major undertaking. I hope to create a Northwestern Style kitchen with lots of natural elements. I want you to feel like you've been out for a walk on a rugged, rain-stormed Northwestern beach...and that you've come in to a cozy and inviting place to warm up with a cup of home-made chowder. I want a transitional/modern feeling, but with a soul! The countertops, backsplash, and cabinets are pretty well chosen. The appliances will be stainless steel. I could really use your input on some things though...

  • Apron sink: Yea or Nay?

  • What kind of kitchen faucet do you have...do you love it or not? I just don't know about these new-fangled faucets with only one arm, seems like it'd be hard to get the water temperature right. What's your experience?

  • I want to warm up the room with some pendant lighting over the bar and I can't decide between art-glass or barrel shaped fixtures. This is my one chance to add a splash of warm color, and I'd like to go with amber or orange-y hues. Which picture below do you like?

  • How do you feel about extending the backsplash all the way up to the base of the wall cabinets? Is it too busy...should I stick with a 4 or 6 inch backsplash or take it all the way up? Or maybe just run the slate tiles up the wall behind the range...

  • The floor...oh what to do with the floor! We have wood laminate throughout the rest of the house. I know it would be pretty in the kitchen, but I don't think it'd hold up. Suggestions anyone?

  • Above the fridge: that no-man's land that is impossible to reach. I'm planning to have our contractor build me shelving for my cookbooks. Right now they're taking up space on the countertops. I don't think I'd mind using a stepstool to access them. Is this a mistake?

Vigo VG15005 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, Faucet and Dispenser in Stainless
Apron style stainless sink, 2 two basins

Mixed Up 12" x 12" Random Linear Mosaic Slate Accent Tile in Pikes Peak
Random linear mosaic slate backsplash. I couldn't find our exact choice, but it will be all slate, no glass (hubby's request). The slate will be rough and in varying gray tones with touches of brown to complement the cabinets.

Tile countertops that will look like concrete. This is because I don't like the busy patterns of granite for large spaces and I don't want to fool around with concrete. The grout lines will be very thin and exactly matching the tile for continuity.

maple spice shaker cabinets

LANSA handle, stainless steel Length: 9 5/8 " Depth: 1 5/8 " Hole spacing: 6 5/16 " Length: 245 mm Depth: 41 mm Hole spacing: 160 mm
simple hardware from IKEA, to match the stainless appliances

simple style, staggered for interest

from lightingcorp...adele


from Plushpod
bamboo...Moso Endgrain from Branch

Handwoven Rag Rug - sunny yellow orange 2.43' x 5.77'

I would love to toss this woven rug on whatever flooring we use. It speaks to my 'homespun' roots. So if you have ideas about my flooring, please bear in mind that I'll probably be using throws. This rug is from Etsy, by dodres.



joanne said...

OK, I love the farm style sink but I just have a regular goose neck faucet here so I don't have a clue about those new fangled ones. Love the pendant lights in the varying legnths and the orange-y tones are a must! The cabinets are beautiful and I think that you picked some great hardware. I haven't updated my counters or floors yet but I do prefer the concrete look or quartz over granite.
Not sure about the backsplash..it might look busy if the colours are too different.
Can't wait to see what you decide.

Red Gate Farm said...

LOVE apron sinks, it's a must. Don't have any experience with a "new faucet" since we had to search everywhere for an "old faucet" for our vintage sink. I love the look of back splashes all the way to the cupboard... I don't really like the "cut off" kind, like wearing the wrong color of tights with a dress it looks "stumpy". Love the orange-y lights and finally, we had laminate floors in our previous house and they held up very well but we never had any kind of flood either....

Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

farmlady said...

I love all of the choices that you have made so far.
I like the "apron" sink and as for faucets... just be sure that you buy good ones, this is not a place to skimp.
I would use tile in the kitchen area. It wears well and is easy to clean.
I love the idea of shelving for the cookbooks above the fridge but another idea is a cupboard that has long upright spaces for cookie sheets, cupcake pans and pizza pans,trays and lids etc. I have had this in our last two homes and this area is indispensable.
All the way up on the backsplash.
I love the staggered lighting . Go for the color.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You may find out that not having one is like having a kitchen without a range. Not really but you will surely appreciate the extra sink area for those holiday dinners.

olddog said...

I like the sink. I saw glass tile similar to the slate you picked and it give a nice modern touch. keep the lights simple to coordinate with the back slpash. shaker door and draw styles have simple lines remember K.I.S.S. keep it simple silly! have fun and remember you have to live there so it what you like that counts

Curmudgeon said...

I'll bet fishy could give you some killer ideas.


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