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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunflowers, Spinach, and Community

Have you ever wished for something, but never really pursued it becaused it seems frivolous?
 I've always wished for a greenhouse. But with all of the practical things that we need to do...I've never even put a greenhouse on our list.. Besides,  our yard is very shady,so a greenhouse seemed out of the question.
 But sometimes our wishes come true in ways we could never have imagined. It all started when we began  attending a new church...Methodist.. That's a long way away from this girl's Pentecostal roots. But it felt right. It so happens that this church hosts a community garden spot. (I've always thought that churches should use their grounds for community gardens, their classrooms for all kinds of education, their kitchens for feeding the hungry, and their libraries should be open to all. Why oh, why, should a lovely facility sit idle for most of the week when it could be used for so many purposes?) So I joined the community garden group. Then at our first meeting I discovered that our local middle school had offered space in their greenhouse for our gardening group to start plants. Just think...a church and a school, working hand in hand for the good of the community.
How lovely is that?

 So this afternoon I took my seed packets down to the local middle school where Alyce showed me the finer points of greenhouse gardening.
 That's Alyce.
 Some of our members planted seedlings two weeks ago. Look what sprouted!

 Pamela stopped in to plant her sweetpeas! She'd gathered the pods from last year's crop. Alyce stayed busy separating and transplanting starts while I planted Walla Walla sweet onions, wild Kale, Sunflowers, Zinnias, spinach, lettuce and lettuce. Next week...tomatoes and peppers.

This experience is teaching me that we needn't always strive and struggle to obtain things we long for. Jesus says that our Heavenly Father knows what things we need, before we ask him. I never asked for a greenhouse. And though I still don't own one, I have access to one...and it cost me nothing.

I'm also learning some things about  gardening...and about community.


ellen b. said...

How very cool that you can have this space to use and help along the way, too! You just reminded me that I collected some of my sweet pea pod seeds last year. I'll try planting them.

Rebecca said...

This confirms what I believe - a person doesn't have to "own" something to enjoy it! Libraries and parks are just two examples -- and now greenhouses!

farmlady said...

Seek and you shall find...
Now you have a greenhouse. One you can share and enjoy.

joanne said...

isn't it amazing what a community can do? Working together for the benefit of all...lovely. I'm so happy you found your community...I am still seeking mine!

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Debora... how lovely how your 'dream' opened before you in a way you never imagined.

And I love your ideas of making church facilities more community involved. Wouldn't that be wonderful.

Rebecca -- I remember when that idea of not needing to own it to enjoy it first 'dawned' on me too. It was a changing life moment for me.

I like going to our greenhouses too at this time of year when seedlings are up with promises for lovely things down the road.


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