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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Simple Pleasure...Calendars

Today is March 1st...Woo-hoo!

I love the first of the month because today is the day that I get to turn the calendar page! Woohoo!  I know, it may seem trivial, even childish to get excited about turning the page from February to March, but it's really one of those simple pleasures for me.

You see, I wasn't always as 'rich' as I am now. (I'm using rich in the broadest sense of the word here, and in comparison to past days. But yes, I do feel rather rich in all aspects of my life! ) Back in the day when the kids were little and I was broke, broke, broke; the money always ran out before the month did. The last week of the month was a time of digging under sofa cushions and checking coat pockets to gather enough change to buy gas. It was having tomato soup and saltine crackers for supper, making tuna casserole with 1 can of tuna instead of 2, and making the milk go farther by mixing powdered milk with the regular. And then, just when I thought that I couldn't make my pennies stretch another inch...came the first of the month and with it PAYDAY! Hallelujah, we made it! It was time to buy some groceries, pay the bills (well some of them anyway), and yes, change the page on the calendar. It was a shiny new month, full of promise and hope for better days.

All this aside, there is something even more wonderful to me about the change of the calendar; it's the art. Even when I was poor I never scrimped on my yearly calendar; never just used the one that the Les Schwab Tire Company or Key Bank sent me. For me, art is personal and essential. I need,  I daresay require it for my mental well-being. It doesn't have to be fancy or pretentious, it just needs to fill that corner of my soul that yearns for loveliness. So each year I make a pilgrimage to my favorite bookstore to find the perfect calendar for the upcoming year.  My requirements are always the same...it must have beautiful pictures to fill my heart with pleasure, quotations that inspire me, and plenty of space to note special events and appointments. All of this is mine for the mere price of twelve dollars or so! What a bargain! And though it's tempting, I never, never, never buy my calendars in December. I must wait patiently until January and buy them for 50% off. Last year I actually waited until February. The nicest ones were pretty picked over, but I was able to find a lovely one on line for only $6.00.

So, Happy March, friends! May your month be filled with promise and hope and all kinds of good cheer. Now go turn the page on your calendar!

Simplicity 2013 Wall (calendar)
For the past two years I've chosen Deborah DeWit's Simplicity Calendars...lovely!

Labrador Retrievers, Black 2013 Square 12X12 (Multilingual Edition)
My sister gave hubby and I this beautiful calendar featuring Labs in honor of our guy, Baron.

Below are some pages from 2013 calendars I really love...

This is from "The Present Moment" calendar. Lovely.

From "The Organic Kitchen Garden." Really nice tips and photographs.
Traveling Light (Lucado) Calendar
"Traveling Light" datebook by Max Lucado. It says, "A datebook for releasing burdens you were never intended to bear."
Love it.
From "Haiku, Japanese Art and Poetry". I'd love to have the birds in the moonlight painting.

All of these beautiful calendars and so many more are available at Amazon.com.


Linda O'Connell said...

I COMPLETELY understand.

Anneliese said...

I'm also very happy to turn the calendar page ... to a month that has promise for spring.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What a lovely post! I really like a pretty calendar.

BECKY said...

Debora, just another one of our favorite things! I also love to flip the calendar to a new page! I just blogged about it on Dec 1st, 2012! And yes, I love the photos...sometimes I keep calendars for a long time, thinking I'll do something with them...but I usually don't get to it!


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