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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Friday, March 8, 2013

Crossing Paths with New Faces

I had fun taking photos of this photographer taking photos!

Hello, new friends, Kathy from Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy; and Susan Flett Swiderski from I Think; Therefore, I Yam! I'm glad our paths have crossed!

Kathy, I love those vintage photos. I might have to get involved in Sepia Saturday!

Susan, you're being too modest, your haiku is great! I hope somebody made you a cake-but I ain't holding my breath since I don't know any man who's really celebrating International Womens' Day! LOL!


1 comment:

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, "somebody" made a cake. Me. HA! (If ya want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself.)

Happy weekend!


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