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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hobnobbing with faeries, toadstools and snails

If you had a week off from work, how would you spend it? Would you be cleaning greasy, grimy ovens and polishing the silver...or would you dilly-dally around? I'm choosing the latter.

Though I dutifully scheduled all of my appointments for this week; I left some time for just moseying around. Some of the best places, as I see it, to fritter away time are bookstores, beaches, second-hand stores, libraries, and today's choice...Nurseries.

 I stopped by Bakerview Nursery and spent an hour or so chatting with their friendly staff, oohing and aahing over the pretty plants, and dreaming of putting a 'fairy garden' out under the fir trees in the back yard. (Wouldn't that enchant my little grands?) Oh...I did buy some begonia bulbs and got a real bargain on gladiolus bulbs...they were only 59 cents apiece! I find that there are three places one can really BREATHE on this earth...the beach, the mountains, and the nursery.

 (Please overlook the randomness of my photos. I took them with my cell phone and just uploaded them straight to my blog...no editing and no particular order. Kinda like my first day off from school!)

Grandma's turquoise kitchen's window sill was lined with African violets. Now where are the sugar cookies?
Nice nursery-lady tells me that these will grow nicely in my heavy shade.
This gorgeous succulent just belongs on my dining room table. But for $40, he gets to stay at the nursery! However, it costs nothing to admire.

Breathe, froggy, breathe! Froggy looks so center, so placid! Froggy and I seem to share body types! (But I'm workin' on that!)
Never thought I'd say this...."I want snails in my garden! Ones with pretty ceramic shells, that is..."
And toadstools, and little gnomes...
Any kind of daisy is a friend of mine...Gerbenas, Shastas, English daisies; it doesn't matter. They are the most unpretentious flower ever!

 Hubby has a chess set with pieces like this. Hmmm, he doesn't play it ever...I wonder if he'd notice it if I took his Queen, Rooks, and Bishops and stuck them in my flowerpots?
Here's the Bilbo Baggins' house. More stuff for my fairie garden.
Oh dear! I'm glad that water isn't yellow! A grandma had her little grand-daughters with her at the nursery. They were laughing hysterically at this fountain and taking pictures in front of it, positioning themselves to make it look like they were getting tinkled on. Pretty creative if you ask me! I think grandma's outing will long be remembered! (Mom was along too, but she wasn't laughing...)

Lovely little blue blossoms

Exotic orchids
Splashes of color everywhere!

Have a wonderful week. And don't forget to




Elephant's Child said...

Nurseries are right up there in my favourite places too. And burn holes in my wallet far too often. Thank you for taking us along - I spent no money and saw plenty of beauty.

Bookie said...

I enjoyed your outing! Thanks for sharing. It was nice to see while waiting for flowers in Missouri.

Bookie said...

I enjoyed your outing. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see while waiting on flowers in Missouri.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

What a terrific outing! A nursery is one of those places I prefer to go to by myself. Like a bookstore or library. My silly husband seems to think you can go to those places, and get what you want, and then be out again, lickety-split. Impossible! Even if no money exchanges hands, (highly unlikely) a nursery visit requires considerable leisurely inspection.

I LOVE that frog. I have two in my garden now, but they don't look nearly so... zen.

Debora said...

Hey Elephant's Child! I spend a fair amount at the nurseries too. Money well-spent I'd say!

Bookie-I hope you see some flowers soon!

Susan-You need to find a 'problem for your hubby to solve at the garden shop...like how to rid the world of aphids. If he's like mine, he'll spend an hour talking to some guy about chemical warfare in the yard. (I never allow it of course.) Then you can go off and look at posies!


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