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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gluten Withdrawal...Anybody Been There?

Just a short post since my general rule is to keep thinks upbeat. Truth be told, things are less than upbeat in the Rorvig household since I decided to experiment with a non-gluten diet. For awhile I've wondered if wheat gluten was contributing to chronic sinus issues, so 3 days ago I bit the bullet and quit eating wheat. Cold turkey...minus the bread. LOL. 

Yesterday I felt foggy in the head and my body was aching. Today, body aches along with PMS-like mood swings (hubby will attest to the swings), and extreme lethargy. I finally snapped out of the foggy head long enough to wonder if all of this malaise had something to do with the lack of gluten in my system. Bingo! It's all over the web. Apparently wheat is addictive and has low level opiate effects upon the body.

This turn of events is not deterring me from continuing with the gluten-free experiment. On the contrary...I feel even more resolved to see what life without wheat looks and feels like in my body.

So I expect within the next few days to be back to myself and perhaps better. I just thought I'd post this for anyone out there who has had this experience or is considering a gluten-free diet. Prepare yourself...

And if you've been down this road; leave me a comment...please!


Elephant's Child said...

It is a bit scary how many of our foods are addictive isn't it? And who would have thought that we could become dependent on gluten.
I hope you are feeling much, much better soon.

joanne said...

Best wishes to you! I don't think I've got the right 'stuff' to just stop eating wheat products. We've been so brain washed to believe that we are eating healthy and it's going to take a lot of crummy feeling days to change that. good luck friend.

Bookie said...

Just we are in this battle too since spring. Hubby has Crohn's disease and we think it helps some. It did nothing for me, the immediate weight loss did not appear. You can eat GF without bread and such, but those have been mainstays for near 40 years as roughage like fresh veggies hurt him. We notice it helps though since he is worse when we travel. So we have been juggling Crohn's diet, diabetic eating, and now GF. Food here is a nightmare.

Anneliese said...

I don't think wheat is addictive. I think we are made to need it... in moderation, of course. There are obvious exceptions, but for most, it is a necessary part of our diet. The gluten free fad is just that... not necessarily a healthy alternative for everyone.


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