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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Tribute to Michelle Edwards...Sweet Something's Designs

This is the photograph that made me fall in love with Michelle Edwards.

A few years  ago I was idling away an hour on Houzz, looking for great Christmas ideas when I hit upon this photo. I was smitten the moment I saw it! Be still my heart...tartan! Who uses a tartan blanket in a tablescape? Who hosts a dinner on a rustic picnic table when it's cold outside?  Visions of a Pacific Northwest winter's day in the woods, friends gathering for a bowl of hot chili and apple cider, sitting at a beautiful, rustic table replete with hurricane lamps and tartan swirled in my imagination.

I had to see more design by this gifted lady who's art had touched me so profoundly. Lucky me...she had a blog called "Sweet Something's Design." I was hooked. It was filled with gracious, lovely home designs. And it was authored by and equally lovely and gracious woman; Michelle. Her posts were so intimate...like her designs! No wonder she had such loyal followers. I became one of them.
Most of her writing and photos were about her craft; but occasionally she posted personal things. I'll never forget her first post informing us that she had a very aggressive form of cancer. It was heartbreaking. She had everything to live for...a handsome husband, two adorable sons, a great business, a pretty home...and a gift for making everything around her beautiful. She continued to share her designs, but increasingly we would read about chemotherapy sessions, loss of hair, and her longing to beat the disease. I remember reading how she cried because her first session of trying an experimental treatment would prevent her from her youngest son's first day at school. (Not first day ever, but the first day in mid-elementary school.) I cried too, knowing that she was afraid that this might be the last 'first day' she would have the opportunity to share with her boy.

"How does a mother face the possibility of leaving this earth before seeing her children safely raised?" I wondered as I read her posts.

She faced it. Bravely. Candidly. With hope and resolve to fight.

Michelle Edwards fought hard. She lost the battle with cancer but she won the hearts of each of us who read and watched and cried and prayed with her; hoping for a miracle.

I've been thinking about Michelle in heaven. I've read accounts from those who've visited and been sent back-- that there are glorious things we've never imagined there. Dazzling colors of hues we cannot see with our mortal eyes, grass that somehow breathes and sings beneath your feet. Paradise for anyone; but especially for an artist! I imagine her in some heavenly woodland; gathering sticks and leaves, berries and flowers for some kind of wreath or centerpiece to adorn her new home; the one Jesus promised. Waiting and preparing with anticipation for a day she'll be reunited with her precious sons and husband.

I fell in love with Michelle Edwards the designer for her lovely, creative, and gracious art.

I now love Michelle for her gracious, lovely and courageous life.

Michelle, I haven't hosted that rustic dinner in the woods yet; but I plan to. And when I do, I'll be thinking of you!


Bookie said...

This was sad yet uplifting blog post today. Personal to me as I have two dear folks facing death soon and hope they have this same courage you wrote about.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

What a heartbreaking post, but a lovely tribute. May we all face our deaths with such grace and courage.

Elephant's Child said...

Gorgeous, life affirming, heart-warming post. And could there be a better way to be remembered that by sharing love and beauty? I hope you do get that rustic dinner. Soon. And often.

BECKY said...

Debora, reading this almost had me in tears, but I'm so glad you wrote it. I hopped over to Michelle's blog and left a comment right after yours. It's so good that her family posted the news of her death, otherwise her blog friends wouldn't know. You wrote a lovely tribute to her. Thank you.

Carol Mattingly said...

Thank you Debora for your beautiful words. I have missed her so much thus past year. Carol

Mary Horner said...

A lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing her story.

Barbara said...

This is a wonderful tribute to a beautifully gifted and incredibly brave lady. I too fell in love with Michelle when I first saw this same tablescape two years ago. She had won a holiday table contest and I was so blown way by the elements Michelle used to create her beautiful table setting. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feeling of Michelle...it somehow keeps her here with us.
XO Barbara

And yes...your tribute did tears to my eyes.

Justin said...


I am Michelle's husband. This post is nice; thank you for creating it. I appreciate it.


OMG! I just found out this beautiful blog's owner, sweet and so very talented died!
Thank you for the tribute to this great lady, still so young to have left this plane.
I just followed you, I hope you like to follow back so we can visit each other. Thank yhou in advance.


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