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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Help! I Need Advice on My Bathroom Remodel!

The bathroom remodel is about to begin. We're gutting the old bathroom and redoing it from the ground up. (Well, we're paying someone to do it for us. My hubby is a genius with motors, cars and such; but he get's  all twitchy when you start talking about home repairs.) My original scheme was to use vintage hexagonal tiling (white and black) on the floors with white fixtures, ceramic tile around the tub with a few diamonds in black; and a white vanity with a black granite counter top. That was the plan. Until hubby got involved. He hated the hexagonal floor tiles; which meant totally revamping our plan. And though I hate to admit it; he's right this time. Our house was built in the 60's or 70's and is a ranch style. It really lends itself much better to a kind of Pacific Northwest style than to that retro style that I had envisioned. It's just harder for me to do more modern things because I was raised in cottages. It's what I  know. So here's what we have so far... I'm going for a sort of warm beachy feel with the sand colors and the accent tiles- lots of texture. Please, tell me what you think!

Floor tile (Its really lighter than this photo)

Tile for bathtub surround

Accent border tile for bathtub surround-glass and granite-again, my camera's playing tricks. The glass tile closest to the bottom of the picture is much more peachy than it shows and is  almost identical to the shade of the bathtub surround tile.
Vanity counter top-called desert sand

Possible vanity, except with the sand colored top instead of black
The fixtures will be bisque instead of white; sort of a creamy ivory color.  Our bathroom is large enough for a vanity in one section, and a pedestal sink on the other end, which is what we plan to do. The pedestal sink will also be bisque. Hardware will be brushed nickel as well as the light fixtures.

The big concerns you can help me with are:
  • Is the vanity too dark? Should I go with a lighter wood? (Remember, I originally wanted a white vanity but that went out the window with all of the bisque and sandy colors I'm using.) And should it be a little more rustic and less transitional in style?
  • What kind of shower curtain/window treatment would you use with these elements?
  • Am I making the right choice with brushed nickel hardware?
Thanks for your input. Be honest--I'm open to constructive criticism!


Red Gate Farm said...

Something rustic for the vanity would be pretty awesome... if you could find some vintage piece in the right size.... I do like the dark wood however if you go with a purchased vanity but then I like contrast of dark and light.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with brushed nickel.. some of the other fixtures like bronze may become dated pretty quickly.

I'd think about using drop clothes or natural colored canvas for a shower curtain and perhaps a bamboo/woven roman shade for window coverings.

Lucky you to get a new bathroom! We only have one bathroom so when we re-do it, well it will take a lot of planning :) Your original image is just what I plan to do in my little cottage bathroom!


ellen b. said...

I like your tile choices. The brushed nickel is so much easier to clean and it hides spots better then shiny metals. I like the cabinet color but I'm sure something lighter would look nice, too. It is nice to have the contrast with the lighter tile. I'd have to see the windows and where they are to suggest coverings. Shutters popped into my head for some reason. I like Chris' suggestions for the windows and curtain, too.

Pat said...

I think with all the light beachy and bisque colors you will have in the bathroom, that a darker color for the vanity would keep it from looking too washed out. It sounds like your new bathroom will be gorgeous!

farmlady said...

This all sounds lovely. I like the vanity. Sometimes you need a darker color wood to pull things together.
The desert sand vanity top will look really nice with the dark cabinet.
Shower curtains are a really personal choice so anything that is light and blends with the tile seems good. I also prefer the brushed nickle fixtures. They will look good for years and don't need to constantly be wiped for water spots.

(I'm glad you came by my blog. In a country of depleting resources we need to start setting examples and speaking up. Thank you for your efforts and nice comment.
Come back soon.)

Anneliese said...

I like the warm colors and the dark cabinet for contrast. I would also think about what colors you can accent with once you get tired of beige and brown towels. Even a shower curtain that brings in a color you can tie in with in other accesories. All the best!

Debora said...

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions and comments! I feel much more confident now about the color of the vanity and using brushed nickel fixtures. And what a lot of great suggestions for the shower curtain and window treatments!


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