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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Confession: I'm Imperfect but I Like My Hair!

I'm going to make a big confession here. It's about my nose. It's just that well, it's not perfect. It isn't small and cute. Nor does it turn up at the end. Not that it's huge or anything-but it is just a little larger, a little bumpier and a little more severe than I'd like. For years I've been trying to conceal my imperfect nose by implementing all kinds of beauty tricks.

  • "Don't wear heavy bangs," they say, "or it will draw attention to your nose."
  • "Never pull your bangs totally away from your face," others advise, "or your nose will be too sharp."
  • "Horn-rimmed glasses will make you look like Groucho Marx."
  • "A line of white foundation down the center of it will make it look narrower."
The rules are never-ending.

The ironic thing about trying to conceal a large nose is that well, try as you will, it's always there, right in the middle of your face. It's not exactly like trying to cover a large waistline or fat shins. After all, you can't put a sweater on your nose!

But this week I had an ephipany of sorts.  It began when I was reading a fashion magazine that said something to the effect that French women don't try to hide their imperfections; they celebrate them. "Hmmm," I thought wryly. "I've got a lot to celebrate."  But all joking aside, something clicked in my thinking.  I do admire that certain style that French women seem to have. They wear very little makeup, simple clothing, and look fabulous at any age. So it occurred to me that they might be on to something. And as it happened the very next next day I had an appointment to have my hair done. I wanted to do something different with it; so while driving to the salon I considered my options. Should I go shorter, layered, curly or straight, sideswept bangs or wispy ones?  Blonde or brown...or both? Of course the main consideration was: how will these styles look with my nose?

Then I heard a voice speak to me from within. It was clear and concise.
 "Ignore your nose."
 Oh my gosh!  Ignore my nose? I was flabbergasted. Could I just brazenly walk into that salon and get any old hair-do I please without regard for how it will look with my nose?
I felt though, that the voice was from God.
Now I can just about see your eyes rolling back in your head as you snort, " Ha! She thinks God is talking to her about her nose!"
Actually, I do. He talks to me about lots of things. And while I don't think the size or shape of my nose bothers Him one little bit; I do believe that He's concerned if it bothers me.
So when I hear something from within (not in my head or ears, but from somewhere deep inside of me); and if it surprises me because it is soooo not how I usually view things; and if it releases me from some kind of skewed or wrong thinking; and if it in no way contradicts the Bible or harms me or others; that fits my criteria as a word from God.

So I said, "Lord, did you just say to ignore my nose?"
"But, Lord, what if I get a haircut that makes me look bad?"
"You've been spending so much time looking at your nose, that's all you see. You've lost sight of your hair and the beautiful features on your face. Just ignore your nose."
At that moment I got it. I'd been hyperfocused on one aspect of my face to the point that I had lost all perspective. Not unlike the anorexic who only sees a fat person in the mirror.
Why do we do that to ourselves anyway? How often in department store dressing rooms do we hear women criticizing their bodies.  They anxiously scan the mirror for every defect and complain that they're too fat, thin, flabby, short, tall, flat-chested, or buxom. What they are really saying is, "I'm just not perfect."
"Well, Duh! Join the human race, girls."
So guess what? I had my hair done without giving my nose a thought... and I love it! It frames my face beautifully and the color accentuates my soft blue eyes and fair skin tone. I've never been so happy with a hair-do!
I can't really say that I am celebrating my nose. I'm not ready to hang garland from it or paint it red like a clown. But I am ready to celebrate the fact that I have beautiful eyes, high cheekbones and a nice smile.
Maybe you could do the same. C'mon. Could you just once ignore your thighs when you buy that new skirt and think about how nice it makes your legs look? Does that pink paisley scarf  show off your pretty skin? Maybe those new shoes make you look tall and lithe.Then say it. Right out loud. It's not arrogant or prideful to think that you look nice. Pride comes from comparing yourself to others and trying to outdo them. You're not doing that, are you? Of course not. And no, you're not excusing the fact that you've been eating too many Cheetos and need to take a few more walks.
You're just saying that you like something about the person you see in the mirror and that in this whole wide world; you're one of a kind. Now that's something to celebrate!

P.S.  It would thrill me if you'd drop me a comment and complete the following sentence:
"I'm imperfect, but I like my_______________"


Scrabblequeen said...

I'm imperfect, but I like my...attitude! Hah...did I cheat, or what?

Debora said...

I like your attitude too!

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness. This is tough - I've never thought like this!
Okay, I am quite imperfect, but I do like my hair most days, and my toes are kind of cute when they're all polished up.
This is good! Focus on the positive, right?

Debora said...

There, you said it! Your toes are cute. Good start! Buy lots of flip flops this summer and flaunt those toes!

jojo said...

Hi there, just found your lovely blog and can't wait to see more. I'm also a fellow Washingtonian and craving Spring. Your blog header is so pretty...ah, yes. I like my...hair! I'm a true red-head that is aging quite gracefully, in the hair department, no gray just a softening of the red and a few white streaks. It's not as freakish as it sounds!!
see you soon.

Debora said...

Nice to meet you. I love red hair! In my imagination you look a bit like Bonnie Rait...yes...no?

Anneliese said...

Can I frist say that I like the name of your blog! And yes... this goes with that.... think of whatsoever things are lovely... I also focused way too much on hiding my nose.. ha, if that is possible.. until I broke it and had to wear a cast on it. Talk about being noticed then! At that time I began looking at other people's noses and realized hardly any noses are nice!
So, I do not worry about it any more.
I'm imperfect, but I like my waist ... which is starting to change and I may have to find something else.

Debora said...

It is kinda funny to think that we could believe it possible to hide our noses! And like you, I've noticed that there are very few perfect noses around. Boy, I would love to say I like my waist--good for you!


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