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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Cookin'...Portuguese Soup

 Well, it's still raining what almost feels like sleet and the wind is gusting to nearly 50 mph here in the Northwest corner.  Soup weather.  I've had this recipe for Portuguese Soup for years and years. It's easy, hearty, and good for you.

Portuguese Soup

1 pkg of sausage -the kind that comes in a casing; like kielbasa.
( I use smoked turkey sausage to reduce fat content.) 
2  16-oz cans of kidney beans, drained
2  16-oz cans of garbanzo beans, drained
2  16-oz cans of stewed tomatoes (or diced if you prefer)
1 cup each of the following: celery, potatoes, carrots and onions (big chunks)
4 cans of beef broth
2 cups of water

Chop the sausage and brown it in a large pot. Add all other ingredients. Cook over medium heat until vegetables are tender; or crockpot all day (about 10-12 hours) on high temperature. That's it!

I like to serve this (and all soups) with a  hot loaf of french or sourdough bread. This recipe will easily serve 4; probably more. You can taylor this recipe to your family's likes and dislikes. Be creative and add any kind of veggies you like. I generally double up on the potatoes. And sometimes when I want a richer beefy flavor, I throw in a few teaspoons of aujus mix for good measure. If you're not worried about fat content; use some really nice kielbasa or summer sausage. It tastes better than turkey sausage.


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ellen b. said...

Good Evening Debora! Oh my that soup looks real good! Enjoy. We'll be watching American Idol, too. Thanks for the link to the blog you left in comments for me. I'll be checking her blog out...


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