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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the Birds

     This afternoon as I was planting begonias out in the backyard, a bunch of crows began making a terrible racket.  Perched on the lowest branches of the fir trees at the back of the property, they were diving furiously at Koda and scolding her angrily. I dropped my trowel and walked over to see what the rucus was all about. There, next to the fence was an injured young crow hopping frantically about on the ground. Koda was watching him with great curiousity. The crows in the branches were doing everything they knew how to do to help the unfortunate bird. I sent Koda away and set about to catch the injured animal. Here on the ground, he'd be easy prey for Posie cat-or any of the other neighboring kitties. Our next-door neighbors have a big old unused pigeon coop right next to the fence-so I decided to put him on top of it. (I knew he probably wouldn't make it anyway, but I wanted to give him a fighting chance.) Well, when I picked that bird up, you should have heard those crows! I feared that I was going to be swarmed and pecked to pieces! Remember that Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds? So I scooped him up, raced over to the coop and set him atop it in jig time. His friends didn't come after me; but they hollered and screeched all the same. The loudest one was sitting just above my head on a branch. She was fearless. After I put him on the coop, most of the others settled down, except that one bird. I suspect she was the mama. She continued to fuss and fume all afternoon.
     I have always liked crows, but after this incident, I can say that I admire them too.They stuck by their friend and risked their own lives to help him. They exhibited compassion, empathy, and courage. What a decent species!
     I hope the little fellow survives. He's got a lot of good friends pulling for him!


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