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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Ideas and a Crazy-Good Recipe

There are 2 things you should know about me before I proceed with my story...

*I am a frustrated musician- I fiddle, but not well. I don't know if it's because I'm left-handed and can't bow as quickly as I'd like, or if I demand perfection out of every note I play; but whatever the case, it seems that no matter how much I practice, the results are marginal. Infuriating!

*I am a dreamer and a schemer. Especially after midnight. I like to lay in bed and think about stuff-no distractions-no interruptions. And once I've hatched an idea in my little head; I'll ruminate over it all night long. My craziest, most far-fetched ideas come to me in the wee hours of the morning;  by daybreak I'm usually too mentally exhausted to actually pursue them.

Sooo, last Tuesday I practiced my fiddle with the usual results. Around midnight I was still brooding about it. Then it hit me like a lightening bolt... Switch instruments! Learn to play the hammered dulcimer. (I'd actually had 2 musician friends suggest this when I've complained about my fiddling. They tell me that the dulcimer is very easy to play; and would fit my personality perfectly.)
By 2 a.m. my mind's eye had me all dressed up in a hazy, flowing, Celtic gown, hammering blissfully on my dulcimer!

In a moment of clarity I said to God..."Lord, what do you think? Should I pursue this?"
A Voice inside said, "She considers a field..."

I know that verse. It's from Proverbs 31...the description of a noble woman. In the amplified Bible, the 16th verse says this:

She considers a new field before she buys or accepts it; expanding prudently and not courting neglect of her present duties by assuming other duties; and with her savings of time and strength she plants fruitful vines in her vineyard.

As Scooby-Doo would say, "Ruu-Roo!"  So the noble woman considers a new field or endeavor. She carefully analyzes just how much time and energy she will have to give to this new project before she commits to it. And if I'm reading it correctly, it infers that even if someone were to offer her a new field for free-she won't accept it if it means neglecting her present duties. Oh my, my, my, my! GIRLFRIENDS, HEAR THIS!!!


Here's the next great truth from this passage:  When considering the field; think about what kind of fruit you're gonna get from it. Don't waste your time planting seeds in lousy ground. I have a stand of fir trees in the back yard. The soil beneath them is dry and acidic. I know better than to try and plant my cherry tomatoes under them. (Two years ago I tried planting pumpkins out there...what a bust!) Get the idea? Honestly evaluate your skills, talents, and interests. Even if you have the time to pursue something...realistically, how's it gonna turn out? If you hate numbers; don't apply for that bank teller job. If you have 2 left feet and suffer from severe stage fright-maybe contra-dancing just isn't your bag-even if your bff insists that you'll love it.
Not to say that you shouldn't try new things and challenge yourself...that's a good thing. Just keep some perspective. There's a big difference between trying something new an making a big commitment of time and money.

Getting back to the dulcimer story; I took an inventory of unfinished projects.
  • green knitted afghan- barely started
  • granny square afghan- 1/3 done
  • sewing projects: curtains, dress, and fabric for about 7 garments-abandoned for 2 years
  • Etsy shop- I have about 100 unlisted items
  • Back yard: need to jack-hammer the old cement out and make a new brick patio; catch up on weeding, and figure out what to do under those fir trees; and then there's the fall veggie garden.
  • Dog training: The only way to get Koda over her dog-agression issues is to practice walking with her every day.
  • Our office is beginning to look like the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I have to clear it out somehow.
  • Kitchen remodel...sometime in winter.
Now imagine this with me:  I am sitting in my office/thrift store amid stacks of fabric; balls and skeins of yarn surround my feet and chair, and the dog is gnawing on my knitting needles (lack of exercise turns her into a chewing monster). The backyard and garden are a jungle and my Etsy inventory has dwindled because I haven't been listing my inventory. Amid all this, I placidly sit; wearing that gauzy, Celtic green gown-- hammering away on my new dulcimer! Are you kidding? Quick, somebody grab one of those hammers outta my hand  and knock some sense back into my head!

Thanks Lord; for the wake-up call!


3 chicken breast tenders, cooked
1 crisp apple
a few spoonfuls of mayo (or plain yogurt)
a handful of sunflower seeds
a fresh piece of leaf lettuce or romain
Salt and pepper to taste

Dice the chicken. Core and cut up the apple into small chunks.
Stir chicken and apple together. Add mayo and mix thoroughly.
Place lettuce on a pretty plate and put the chicken mixture on top.
Sprinkle with sunflower seeds.

Note: You can substitute pineapple, grapes, or tangerines for the apple. If you don't have sunflower seeds, top with crunchy almonds or walnuts. 


ellen b. said...

That salad was a nice finale to your very constructive train of thoughts. I enjoyed reading it through. I knew there were others out there that get inspired in the middle of the night...

Debora said...

Thanks, Ellen. I'm sure there are alot of us thinkin' in the middle of the night!

jojo said...

best time for thinking is when I should be sleeping...eh?
I see you are a no-reply-comment blogger so I have not found a way to get back to you with my address. I don't see your e-mail here either but I may have overlooked it, send me an e-mail with your contact ok? jmwe4@yahoo.com

Linda O'Connell said...

I love the dulcimer, such pretty music. Enjoyed your post.

Aunty Belle said...

Hmmnnn. I think I needed to read this. ya' know, I has a similar list of uncompleted projects.

But...I do love dulcimer music an tried to find a used dulcimer recently--an' I ain't got a whit of musical talent. Ha!

Will try the chicken salad--looks yummy.

I did enjoy the music--the lovely recollections of America as we's meant to be. Lord Preserve Us!!


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