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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where's Deb

Where's Debbie? She should be out watching her garden growing on this lovely July day!

Hmmm, that's wierd...she's not helping Kelly prep the flowerbeds

for that load of bark. It was delivered last Thursday. That's not like her to let a gardening project sit for 3 days...especially on a sunny day.

There's a pile of books that would rival Mt. Fugi on her bedroom dresser. She must be planning to do some heavy reading. Shhh, if you peek at the titles you might get some insight into what that girl is all about! 'So Long Insecurities'...wow she must have issues...or maybe she's just trying to solve her 'girlfriends' problems...yeah, that's the ticket!

Here's a clue. A TV tray with an empty soup bowl, ice water with a straw, tissues, a cell phone and some scissors. Maybe she caught a cold.

Oh my goodness...I see some flip flops poking out from that snarl of tangled yarn on the recliner! We're getting closer....

Yup, that's her behind the tissue. She looks, well, how do you say it nicely...kinda puffy. And what's with the bandage on her hand?

Yes friends, this is Debbie, unplugged. Figuratively and literally. After 2 years of cowardly denial  careful deliberation, I finally took my nose doc's advice and had sinus surgery. He promised me that this is the end of nose drops, mucinex, cough drops, chewing gum to keep post nasal areas moving, carrying tissue in my purse, my car, my classroom, my bed, my bathroom, my suitcase, my pockets, cuffs, bra, and anywhere else I can stash it.
Had the surgery yesterday and according to my doc, it went perfectly. So for now I have  get to rest. No lifting, no bending. I'm just sittin' here with my yarn and some granny squares I started last summer, got bored of, and put away. (Note to self...write better directions when you postpone a project for another time. These instructions look like chicken scratch! Am I supposed to be chaining 3 here...or there?) I've made 4 attempts, but I think I've got it the next time.
Soup d'jour is Lipton Chicken Noodle, thanks to my master chef and nurse...Kelly. I didn't get to eat anything for 18 hours, and I've gotta say, Lipton soup never tasted so good; Four stars.
The doors are open and a soft summer breeze is moving throught the room. I'm listening to birds singing, Kelly's shovel scraping against the cement, and his transistor radio is playing 'Don't Go Breakin My Heart' - remember Elton John and Kiki D? It's happy and upbeat, which is just what I wanna hear today.
Koda's been running by the window chasing flies, barking at anyone who'll listen, and sipping ice water from her bowl. She's fussy about her water; prefers ice on sunny days...I can respect that. I do too!
I'll spare you the details of the surgery; but if you ever happen to have to have it, drop me a note and I'll fill you in on what to expect. There were a few surprises that nobody told me about. I'll leave it at that. But all in all, I'm doing just fine. Kelly is best caretaker in the world, I've got lots to keep me quietly occupied, and my doggy's sympathetic licks on my hands. I've got your fabulous blogs to entertain me. Most importantly, I have the Lord, who leadeth me beside the still waters. So it's good.
I'm told I'll be in pretty good shape by Tuesday, and fabulous shape in a few weeks.
I' gotta go. Gotta get back to those Granny Squares. Now does it say chain 3 then dc 2, or dc 2 then chain 3...?


ellen b. said...

Oh my. I'm glad to hear things are going to be better soon. I'll pray toward that end! Enjoy sitting around until then!

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Looks like you're doing just what the doctor ordered.

Michelle Scott said...

Hope you're up and feeling like yourself soon! Take it easy and don't over do it.

BECKY said...

Oh Debora! Wow, you must be feeling pretty good, or else you wouldn't be blogging! I can just see Koda helping to keep you company! (Vern likes his water bowl changed frequently....even when it's still full...he likes "fresh" water, I guess..I'll have to try ice cubes, too!)
And I hope the surgery IS the answer to your sinus suffering! I can semi-relate!

farmlady said...

Oh my, you really must rest and take care of yourself. Being off your feet can have it's advantages.... Take them all.
I love the photo of your feet in flip flops and all that yarn. That's a photo I can identify with.
Take it really easy and get well fast.


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