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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Journey of 1000 miles...Week Three: I need to log off so I can log more miles

This week's mileage is down some. My reason excuses are the heat and my hips. Early in the week I was potting some plants and carried a super heavy bag of potting soil from the garage to the back yard. I knew I shouldn't lift it, but I'm stubborn, so I manhandled it out into the yard. Now my back and hips hurt. It's not excruciating; and I have walked some anyway, but it hasn't been painless. The other excuse is the heat. Haven't wanted to take Koda out on a hot sidewalk and burn her little doggy paw pads. On the other hand, if I'd get up earlier, we could easily walk in the mornings. But I've been sleeping in because I've been staying up very late blogging. So my blogging about walking is preventing me from walking! How ridiculous! Is anyone else out there as obsessed with blogging as I am? Do you spend hours taking/editing photos; reading other blogs; organizing your time/outings around blogging? I've gotta get a grip on this! Help me out here, friends. If you see that I posted something after 11:00 pm, give me the dickens!

Distance Walked-11 miles

Weight loss/gain-Down 3 lbs!!! Whoohoo!

  • Get to bed at a decent hour and get up earlier to walk. I'm gonna have to do this anyway when school starts, might as well start now. 
  • Stop lifting things I have no business trying to lift...it never ends well.


farmlady said...

Yes, yes and yes. When I first started blogging I wrote everyday, religiously. I would stay up until midnight, editing photos, reading other blogs, commenting and writing my own posts.... every single day.
"Getting a grip" is when I finally came to terms with the actual time I was spending in front of the computer and started to slow down.

Now I take one or two days off a week from actually posting. Some days I just read the blogs I follow and comment. Some days I just edit my photos... and some days I don't do any of it.
It's very time consuming and you forget about the other aspects of your life.... like laundry, friends, husbands, dinner, etc.... but just for fun, you can do the laundry and write about it. This can be an amusing post.
Like any new creative thing in my life I jump into it full throttle and it becomes the center of my life Then it slows down some.
I actually like the slower pace this year. A friend says that I didn't slow down, I just write longer posts and less of them. Could be true but I'm enjoying it more.
Try to go to bed earlier and then fit that early morning walk into your routine. It's really good for you and the weight will come off easier.

Curmudgeon said...

My excuse is I have nothing to do. I can barely get to the Dr. I have to slide backwards into the back seat backwards. I don't know how to upload photos. Hearing, ahem, It's all exaggerated. My wife never yells at me, but she can kill a fire by just looking at it. I am always the culprit and deserve enough beatings to get me three round trips to heaven or... I did go get a hearing test because I was concerned I was going deaf for the same reasons in blog. My hearing is perfect and I do have ADD That's why I'm super focused and can turn out an article in about two hours and may not do another one for six months. Your right she would not appreciate my blog that's why she doesn't read it. I'll pray about your hip.


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