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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Sandy Bishop Noblet

I learned last evening that my cousin Sandy has passed away.  We are related on mom's side; our mothers Mabel and Ruby were sisters. The news of her passing was expected, but sad.

I was born late in life which meant that my siblings and cousins were almost grown up when I arrived. So Sandy was much closer to my sister and brothers than to me; as they share a childhood history.

Sandy holds a different kind of place in my heart. She is an important link-- a link between our mothers and their families; a link back to the days of Ruby and Mabel Youngedyke and to those who came before them. Sandy is one of a handful of us who knows the old stories of Walter and Lydia; of the Michigan days and the old farm up in Sumas, and about the McKinnon clan. She knows our story and shares our roots. 

I always loved to hear that Sandy and Cheryl (her wonderful sister) were coming to family events. Her presence made things well, just so happy. Always smiling and always laughing! And such a hearty laugh she had...it welled up from deep within her. It reminded me so much of her mother Mabel. 

 Even sad events were made better by her coming. I'll never forget how kind and generous she was when my mother died a few years back. People were gathering at my house after the funeral and I was more than a little nervous about hosting this event...hoping we had enough room and food for everyone. Then in came Sandy and Cheryl, all smiling, arms laden with so much beautiful food! I could tell many stories of her kindness and generosity over the years to so many members of our family...but my little blog could not contain them all.

It is said that the giant Redwood trees in California have surprisingly shallow root systems, as trees go. In fact, if one were to grow isolated from the grove; a strong wind might easily blow it over. But the secret to the strength of the Redwood is that it's roots spread long and far. They intertwine with all of the other trees in the grove; much in the same way that we might clasp one anothers hands and lace our fingers together. So that when the storms come; they stand strong together as one.

This is how it is with family. Our lives and hearts are inextricably intertwined together to create a glorious tapesty of stories and events. A tapestry that shows us where we came from and who we are... and gives us a sense of place in this world. This was Sandy's gift to our family. She stood among us in the sunshine and the storms, hands clasping ours. Her place will be sorely missed.


joanne said...

such a lovely tribute. Rest well dear Sandy...

Vee said...

I am here, I first thought, quite by chance as I was visiting Lovella's blog (Lovella's Blog Friends). The first lines grabbed me as I, too, lost my cousin, also named Sandy not too long ago.

Your tribute to your wonderful cousin is very similar to one I might have written to my own, if I had that kind of talent. Thank you for the beautiful description of the redwood trees. It touched my heart.

Jack McCallum said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin. I lost two cousins of my own - sisters - within 5 months of each other. It was definitely tough.


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