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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Monday, July 1, 2013

Scenes of Seattle and Bainbridge Island

We spent the weekend helping son John and his family get unpacked in their new home on Bainbridge Island in Seattle. Bainbridge is only about 30 minutes by ferry from the Seattle pier, but it feels miles away when you step off the ferry. No hustle, no bustle. just beautiful beaches, homes nestled in the trees or situated along beautiful beaches, and a pretty little town with quaint shops.
The Seattle skyline is glorious from the ferry on this sunny weekend.

Here in Western Washington, we are known for our forests...green, and verdant full of fir trees, ferns, moss and lichen. And because it's so green here, Seattle is called the Emerald City. But on this lovely, sunny day, it could easily be the Azure City. The sky, the sea, and the  mountains seemed to have called each other up and said, "Let's all wear blue today!"

Of course I had to throw in at least one shot of the space needle, our most familiar and beloved landmark!

Mount Rainer, suspended from heaven about Puget Sound. The mountain was originally called 'Tahoma' by the Native Americans who lived here before us. Tahoma has many reported meanings. Natives near my home claim it means, 'larger than Kulshan'. (Kulshan is Mount Baker. Mt. Baker is another local volcanic mountains that is only miles from my home. It is smaller than Rainer.) Other native say that Tahoma means, 'the place where waters begin', and another tribe claims that it means 'the place of the gods.' It is likely that it means all of these things.

Above is the ferry landing on Bainbridge Island.

After unpacking for awhile, we gathered the kids and the dogs and went to cool off at this pretty little beach. I don't recall the name of it. It is unofficially, according to locals, an off - lead beach for dogs.

Here is grandson Dane and his pretty mamma, Karen.

Dane's sister, my grand-daughter Ana. I'm now calling her "Island Girl."

Son John is keeping the dogs in line. Or trying to.

Baron loves the water. We have to force him to rest and have a drink of water. As you can see, he's most intent to get back out there with the children.

That boat had a black lab aboard. I think Baron was trying to decide if he could swim out or not.

My son's dog, Millie, the Aussie, likes to run in the surf, but doesn't actually swim. She's pretty perturbed here, because she was in time out for playing a little to intensely with other dogs. Wants to herd them. After all, that's her job!

I didn't know these children, but they were playing so sweetly together in the surf that I couldn't resist photographing them. What a beautiful place; Bainbridge Island. I am so looking forward to visiting often.

As I took the photos of the harbor outside of Seattle, I couldn't help but think of a song. It was the theme song to an old 70's TV show called "Here Come the Brides." The show was about the early settlers of Seattle who were lumberjacks, and their 'mail-order' brides. It wasn't that authentic, but very entertaining; especially because teen heartthrob Bobby Sherman starred in the show. Do you remember it? Can you recall the song...

The bluest sky's you've ever seen
 are in Seattle,
and the hills, the greenest-green,
 in Seattle.
Like a beautiful child
growing up, free and wild
full of laughter
full of tears
full of hope
and full of fears
full of dreams to last the years
in Seattle.
in Seattle.

It somehow seemed so appropriate to me, as John and Karen start a new life near Seattle.

And so John, Karen, Dane, Ana, and Millie; blessings to you in your new home on Bainbridge...Seattle. May all of your dreams come true there, and may your beautiful children grow up free and wild in their new island home. And hoping that Millie decides to try swimming!




Elephant's Child said...

What a gorgeous spot. And yes, may all of their dreams come true.

ellen b. said...

You got some great shots looking back at Seattle. Love them. Perfect day to enjoy by the shore. Blessings on yours as they settle into their new home!

Bookie said...

What lovely pictures and thank you for taking me on a tour of your area. I have never been anywhere close to Seattle. We looked at map this spring and considered as hubby would like to visit there...but a LONG drive for sure!

Debora said...

Bookie: You should come out this way at least once in your life. Always come in August or early September though...the weather is more reliable in those months.

Bonnie said...

Your post came up in my google report on recent stories about Bainbridge Island. I live on the Island and am the Innkeeper for The Eagle Harbor Inn. I want to thank you for your beautiful introduction to our Island. I love your photos and I think you've captured the soul of Island summers! And, you do a great job of marketing our Island!! I'm going to show your post around, if you don't mind, so our professional marketing groups can see a wonderful example of how to promote our Island to visitors. Thanks for a good read and photos that make me smile! Bonnie

Debora said...

Thank you Bonnie! I love Bainbridge and feel honored that you found my post and photos so authentic to how you feel about your home! You live just this side of heaven out there!

BECKY said...

So beautiful! I'll have to remember your suggestion about visiting in August or early September. When I lived in Tacoma, (and hated it!)we were there from January until June or July. (of course the fact that I was still with my first husband had A LOT to do with my being miserable...but the weather didn't help, either! :)

Anneliese said...

I was trying to figure out if they were moving closer or farther away from you. Great shots of Seattle! We are heading there this weekend.


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