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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dressing My Truth

According to the Dressing Your Truth philosophy, there are four main types...

Type 1 is bright and bubbly, effervescent and energetic; often labeled as shallow or silly
Type 2 is quiet and introspective, muted and calm; often labeled as shy
Type 3 is powerful, edgy, take charge; often labeled as bossy
Type 4 is dramatic, quiet reflective strength; often labeled as individualistic and opinionated

I'm predominantly type 2, with shades of type 4.

The main premise behind the philosophy is that the fashion industry has dictated to women what we should wear based on marketing rather than women dictating to the industry what we want to wear based upon who we really are inside and outside. So for instance, the bright, bubbly person feels compelled to wear black, even though she is naturally drawn to happy, energetic colors...and she feels like a fraud. The quiet type 2 person buys bold geometric patterns because they're in style, then feels like a clown. The type 3 might buy a soft moss colored sweater, and then feel tired and worn out when she wears it.

Based on this information, I'm doing a little experimenting with my wardrobe. Shopping with a purpose. My colors will be quiet, muted, soft. My fabrics will be soft and flow. And the shapes should be 's'-like, rather than geometrics or stripes. Which would explain why even as a little girl, the first time I ever saw a paisley print; I was enthralled by the fanciful swirls and twists. I used to run my fingers along the swirls, and try to draw pretty paisleys with my crayons. I still love paisley.

It's just disappointing that my hair color mishap has rendered my hair a definite type 4. So until the dark color washes out, I'll be sure to keep it soft and curly.

Here are some of my recent DYT choices...

Soft dusty pink sweater with an attached silk camisole that hangs beneath the sweater.
Pinky mauve pearl earrings with rosey crystal glass. I'll wear it with faded blue jeans or leggings.

Love these shoes. The colors are type 2, but the pattern is probably more type 3. But I love that ethnic design. I was looking for a faded pink or brown t-shirt to go with them. However,  the mall stores seem to think I should want bright orange or green t-shirts. So I bought the scarf and will wear it with a solid white or  blue chambray blouse.  DYT advises type 2's not to wear white blouses, but I love, love, love them. I'll just soften them with a pretty scarf, jacket, or jewelry.

I chose this blouse for the mossy greens and the flowing pattern. Plus the sweet little tie around the hips. I look better when a garment cinches below the waist, or in empire styles rather than belted or tied at the waist. Later, I'll find some light gray jeans to pair up with this...but for now I'll stick with my faded blues. I don't care who you are...faded blue jeans are a must.
If you are interested in Dressing Your Truth, here's the link.
 When you sign up you will receive several very fun and informative free tutorials via e-mail before the inevitable pitch to sign up for the in-depth program for a fee. I haven't signed up for the program, but I do think it might be fun. And no, I'm not receiving any financial remuneration for this post. I just find it entertaining and the profiles seem pretty accurate.
Check it out, and let me know what type you think you are!


Elephant's Child said...

I love the gentle serenity and beauty of your new purchases. Gorgeous soft colours.

I am a type two, sometimes a 4 and if backed into a corner can be a 3. And I suspect my clothes are similarly confused...

ellen b. said...

this sounds very interesting. Right now my shopping criteria is does it fit and is it comfortable. I have some work to do to get to a planned wardrobe...

joanne said...

very interesting. I'm pretty much a two but occasionaly I have bouts of four! Love your wardrobe choices, I think they will be beautiful on you.

Linda O'Connell said...

Im a 4, and I like bright colors. Think your hair looked good.


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