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Photo: Bee and thistle: Taken high in the Cascade Mountains where there is a bee buzzing on every thistle. by Debora Rorvig

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A List for the New Year

It's simply a list, not a goal or resolution. I won't put it on the fridge or program my cellphone to remind me. We're way beyond that; me and my psyche. I know that it's possible, even likely that there will be days I will forget. I'll get all worked up about someone or something in my life that doesn't pan out the way I wanted...I'll fuss and fume...forget to pray; I do that a lot. Still, it's just a list. A reminder; a yellow string tied around my pinkie or a post-it in my pocket. Because self-condemnation for failed goals is not where I'm at. It's like my attitude about flossing. I've decided to floss more often than not. Which means I usually do. If I'm exhausted and all I can manage is to get my p.j.s on and fall into bed some nights--it's really OK that I didn't floss. There are no flossing police. And there are no list police.

The List

Talk to God. Simple, to-the-point, honest, informal conversations. Not always asking for stuff. Sometimes--usually-- just saying "Gee, thanks!" These little chats with Jesus can happen anytime, anyplace...but a simple acknowledgement that He's my BFF would be nice everyday, I think. Of course there will be the times when I show up with REALLY BIG problems. Which might call for long-winded pleas and even some whining. I think He's used to that. And I don't think He minds at all.

Read a few verses daily. Not chapters or books. Verses. In my earlier years as a Christian, I devoured huge quantities of scripture every day. Not bragging, but I know my Bible. This year I'm going for quality. Read something. Remember it. Apply it to my day.

Trust. This is a big monstrous, issue for me. Trust is the antithesis to anxiety-- and anxiety is something I'm more familiar with that I'd like to admit.  It's not just God I need to trust...that's almost the easy part. It's trusting the doctor, my friends, my neighbor's dog, my family, the President, Congress, the person who puts the chili into the cans. (We got some bad canned chili this year so I've developed a suspicion of all canned foods. Now I've switched to frozen whenever possible. But really, where does all of this vigilance end?)  It's believing that people are competent, or at least trying to be. That they are acting from best intentions. That they love me; or at least like me. That the chili people are not trying to kill me. This might be easy for some, but it's a challenge for me. I think know that sometimes we (I'm including you all in this category to make myself feel better) take pride in thinking we are smarter, more able, more diligent than others--to the point that we find ourselves second guessing everything...even God. I don't want to do that anymore.

Write. Gracefully. Skillfully. Everyday.

Walk. I don't mean just march up and down the street or mindlessly walk on a treadmill while watching the news on TV like some hamster spinning on a wheel. I mean walk. Feel fresh air filling my lungs and my legs getting stronger with each step. Enjoying the neighbor's pussy-willow tree in every season and stopping to cheer as the little neighbor boy wobbles down the street on his new bike. Noticing cloud formations and flying geese and airplanes buzzing overhead. Thankful for the strength to be out and about when others are housebound and infirmed.

Stretch. I've been learning the hard way that stretching, when you are approaching sixty, must precede and follow walking. And I'm trusting that stretching at this time of my life will pay off handsomely in my seventies and beyond. I hope someday to be an active octogenarian with good balance and supple muscles. (Wow, did you see that...I'm trusting! It's like riding a bike without someone holding on to the back of the seat! Woo-hoo!)

Celebrate.  There's so much negativity in this old world. I think this year I'd like to celebrate everything. I mean like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day; Fridays and New Moons. I want to celebrate small victories. Pat myself on the back and say "Way to go, Deb...you wrote a page today!" Or, "Awesome job, honey! You got all the moss off the roof! Let's go down to the coffee shop and celebrate!" There are so many things to be pleased about. Paid-off bills. A good physical. The birth of a new family member, crocus blooming, and a nice hot shower after gardening. The list is endless. And yet, for me, so often things go by un-noticed because they seem commonplace. But isn't that where joy resides, in the commonplace? I think so.

So that's it. My list.
Talk to God.
 Read a few verses daily.
I plan to do them more often than not.
BTW...If you see me walking around the neighborhood...wave.



Elephant's Child said...

What a wonderful and empowering list. Love it.
Have a wonderful year.

joanne said...

I love your list and would do well to add some of those to my list, especially trust. Oh, do I have trust issues! I try to talk to God all day long, usually thanks and help but of course I could be better at my gratitude and my voice thereof. Hoping your 2014 is all that you hope for and more. be well...;j

rebecca said...

Thanks for the reminder that there are no "list police"! Sometimes I need to remember that...

I think I'll just adopt your list. I'm not sure why I had such difficulty with MY "list" this year....but I did.

ellen b. said...

I like your list!!


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